Annie contacted us to tell us how Salin Plus Salt Therapy "Breathe Easy" helped her son who suffers from bad chest infections. Annie said "I have recently purchased the Salin Plus Salt Therapy "Breathe Easy" machine as I had heard good reports about it. My 5 year old son (Pictured below when he was younger) has suffered with really bad chest infections & head colds every winter since he was a baby. He struggles with mucus on his chest & can't seem to get rid of it without antibiotics which I hate giving to him continuously. He has sinus issues which are ongoing also. When he came home from playschool the other week with a cough & head cold, the Salin Plus machine was really put to the test for the first time & I am delighted to say it really really helped my son. We turned it on at night before his bedtime & left it on until he woke the next morning & within a few days his cough was gone. I was amazed as every time he gets a cough, it lasts 2/3 weeks. There was no struggling with mucus build up & he slept right through the night, whereas before he would be awake half the night coughing & distressed. His sinus issues have improved & he doesn't snore any more either! I really can't recommend this product enough; it has changed my son’s life dramatically. We had tried so many different products over the years to no avail but thankfully this machine is the one which has finally helped our son & I am so thankful I heard about it. I would say to any other parent who has a similar situation with their own child to go out & buy this machine because I really believe they will be delighted with the results as we are.
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